Major Key Signatures

A Key Signature indicates which sharps or flats are found in the scale or key we are playing.

Besides telling us what key we are in, it also helps to keep the score tidy, by not having to write down sharps and flats in every single bar.

The 15 Major Key Signatures:

  • C Major – which has no sharps/flats
  • 7 key signatures with sharps
  • 7 key signatures with flats

As we take them one by one, you’ll notice both the sharps and flats are arranged in a specific order.

C Major

C Major has no sharps/flats.

treble clef showing no sharps or flats for the key of C major

Key Signatures with Sharps

  • G Major – 1♯
  • D Major – 2♯
  • A Major – 3♯
  • E Major – 4♯
  • B Major – 5♯
  • F♯ Major – 6♯
  • C♯ Major – 7♯
All the Major key signatures with sharps one next to another

Key Signatures with Flats

  • F Major – 1♭ 
  • B♭ Major – 2♭ 
  • E Major – 3♭ 
  • A Major – 4♭ 
  • D♭ Major – 5♭ 
  • G♭  Major – 6♭ 
  • C♭  Major – 7
All the Major key signatures with flats one next to another


Let’s take the Finale of Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 27.
The Key signature of B Flat Major has two flats – B and E.
Every B and E found in the score is Flat unless it says otherwise.

Excerpt: Mozart Piano Concerto No. 27 K.595 in B Flat Major, 3rd mv.

Note: the key signature appears right next to the Clef, and will always be shown at the beginning of every line.